PNG SC LLC provides integrated services on oil and gas well cementing using its own up-to-date backfill equipment fleets. Arctic cementing complexes ensure preparation of backfill mixes of required density in automatic mode as well as observation of planned modes of fluid pumping into well.

Backfill mix laboratory is equipped with up-to-date appliances of leading manufacturers such as CHANDLER, OFITE, MEMMERT, MATEST. Testing procedures comply with GOST and API specifications.

Bulk mixing plant is operated in automatic mode according to preset program, with precise feed of chemical agents and filler materials via batch meters excluding mistakes in observance of ingredient rated proportions. The plant capacity is 22 t/hour at mix homogeneity rate of 98%. To ensure operation on autonomous fields, there is provided a station for ready backfill mix loading into big plastic bags.

PNG SC LLC applies in-house developed techniques taking into account domestic and international experience. To ensure qualitative approach in well casing the Company uses licensed software products: Cementing Hydraulics and Casing String Centering by PETRIS Co. (USA). In backfill mix laboratory there are performed laboratory tests intended to study and further enhance backfill mix properties in respect of their compliance with GOST and API, as well as individually for each well operation.