PNG Service Company Limited concluded a contract for the supply of a cementing simulator.


 To increase the efficiency of personnel training, knowledge control on the efficient and safe cementing operations the  PNG Service Company Limited in the 1st quarter of 2020 acquires a cementing simulator.

This simulator is designed to:

- both for training and for professional development of specialists

- gives the necessary amount of knowledge about the physical and hydraulic processes that occur in the well during cementing job

- allows the trainees to see processes that are hidden from direct observation that occur during cementing job

- enables trainees to check and compare various options for solving technological problems

- imitates equipment and a control panel for inspection, pressure testing, circulation of drilling fluid, pumping spacers, lightweight cement and heavyweight cement slurries

- shows the release of the Top and Bottom cement plugs, displacement of the cement slurries and other operations.

The simulator is an effective technical tool for training and staff development. Allows you to acquire and improve practical skills in the implementation, control and optimization of the main technological processes associated with well cementing.