About Company

PNG Service Company is an integrated service contractor providing a complete range of services in well cementing and remedial cementing. The Company has a flexible approach and applies diverses chemes of backfill service provision according to clients’ needs.

PNG Service Company applies the most advanced techniques constantly paying attention to research and development activities as well as to investments in backfill equipment fleet upgrade and its outfit with state-of-the-art machinery.
An important target of PNG DC is to become the most preferable (for oil producing companies and other clients) contractor in the sphere of backfill services.


PNG Drilling Company has at its disposal highly qualified personnel possessing expertise in well cementing and remedial cementing in diverse geological and climatic conditions on the territory of the former USSR and abroad.
The Company aims to achieve the highest quality standards of backfill services rendered, industrial safety and environment protection.


PNG SC Experience and Track Records

PNG Service Company is a relatively young company operating in Russia and, potentially, overseasin the measurable future. However, in spite of being relatively young, PNG SC has at its disposal skilled specialists possessing long-standing expertise in cementing of oil and gas wells up to 7 ООО m deep in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

From the very beginning of its activities, PNG Service Company pursues the aim to meet in full the requirements of the most sophisticated Russian and foreign oil and gas companies selecting the most flexible Russian service contractor with international approach and state-of-the-art backfill machinery fleet being up to the world standards.



PNG SC LLC has started casing cementing works on Lukoil-Komi LLC fields.Upon mobilization of backfill fleet, bulk blending mini-plant, additional auxiliary equipment onto the base in the town of Ukhta within the framework of the contract with R.S.Burenie LLC, PNG SC LLC has started casing cementing works on Lukoil-Komi LLC fields.
04.06.2013 and 05.06.2013 PNG SC mail server encounteredtechnical problemswith sending and receiving e-mails.Within the period from 04.06.2013 11:00 to 05.06.2013 16:00 (UTC+04:00) PNG SC mail server encountered technical problems with sending and receiving e-mails.
PNG SC LLC has started casing cementing worksinAstrakhan region.PNG SC LLC represented by the fleet with single-pump cementing unitUNB-600х50 (JEREH) has started casing cementing works in Astrakhan region on Verblyuzhye field of OJSC Southern Oil Company.
PNG Service Company hasreceived and puts in operation the 4th backfill machinery mini-fleet.Taking into accountthe increasing demand forwell cementing services,PNG Service Company has received and puts in operation the 4th backfill machinery mini-fleetforliner cementing, cement plugging,remedial cementing etc.
PNG Service Company has started casing cementing on Yaro-Yakhinsk fieldof OJSC Arcticgas.PNG Service Company has started within the framework of a pilot projectcasing cementing on Yaro-Yakhinsk field of OJSC Arcticgas. Following the contract with General Contractor– Nova EnergeticheskieUslugi LLC, PNG SC has performedtwo service casing operations.