Industrial and Environmental Safety

Our employee life and health protection, commitment to continuous enhancement of environment protection methods and industrial safety technologies is one of the most critical tasks of the Company.

Principles of the Company’s environmental activity:

  • Recognition of human right to favorable environment;

  • Rational use of natural resources;

  • Industrial process optimization in respect of ecological safety;

  • Minimization of potential negative influence of productive activity on environment;

  • Openness and availability of ecological information.

Strictly adhering to these principles PNG SC ensures transparence of reporting in the field of labor protection, occupational safety and environment protection. Continuous monitoring of employees’ safety, safety of their working places and technological processes on the whole is effected by means of inspecting equipment, tools and individual protection equipment.

We endeavor to introduce continuously advanced technologies in the field of industrial safety and environment protection, to develop the monitoring system enabling to reduce the risks of operational accidents and to eliminate the possibility of environment contamination.

Environment protection measures are based on clear understanding by all the Company’s employees of the fact that reasonably balanced solution of production tasks and maintenance of favorable environment is a necessary requirement for reduction of emergency risks and provision of safe conditions for personnel work and neighboring population living.